“You Have Stage Three Adrenal Fatigue.”

“Where did my fire go? Enthusiasm? Determination? Where did my goal stomping energy go? The strong drive that used to make me jump out of bed in the morning… Where did it go?” I pondered intensely to myself.

It is weird for me, to have these thoughts.

It is a Saturday afternoon here in Vegas. Unusually grey outside with a steady rain drumming my window.

What is even more odd, is the fact that I lay here on my bed feeling gloomy, lacking energy. Feeling hollow. Almost as though I was nonexistent.

Running your body right into the ground is a rugged thought.
Little did I know that my gogogo mentality, strict vegan diet, morning runs, juice fasting, double workouts, raw cleanses, be involved in everything pattern, was exhausting my adrenal glands to the max.

My body tried to tell me though, I just wouldn’t listen. It told me daily with an overwhelmed feeling of exhaustion and irritability. It declared its anger through weight gain and crazy cravings. It talked, removing my menstruation for well over a year. Drowsy days and alert nights. There were times when I felt like my digestion simply stopped. These are all signs of wacked out hormones…. but nope, I literally let myself hit rock bottom before I sought help. (Ohhh the joys of being a stubborn ass.)

And rock bottom I did hit. I didn’t even make it to my car when the tears started to flow. “Whaaaat have you been doing?” is all my massage therapist could say when she placed her hands on my back. I kept thinking about this.
What had I been doing? “Why am I so wound up & tense, what the f is wrong with me?” I sobbed to my mom when my world came crashing down. (Not an exaggeration. My poor mom.) She gave me advice, like always, but this time more stern. I had to go to the doctor.

Last time I went to the doctor, it was about a year ago. I didn’t have the best experience. Wishy washy “You may have PCOS you may not, there is nothing we can do if you have it. Do you want a prescription?” Needless to say I walked out that day and never went back. I have always been the type to consider myself fine under all circumstances. To finally admit that I needed help was a big step.

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This time around, I reached out to my holistic group and got a doctor recommendation. A chiropractor that specializes in hormones and allergies. As i poured out how I felt, he instantly advised me that it sounds like an adrenal problem, but we would have to take a test to make sure. Adrenal problem, hmm, never heard of it.

That night, I got home and researched up and down. The more i read, the more i couldn’t believe it. I would have bet everything I owned on the fact that my adrenal glands were exhausted, and I wasn’t surprised the next day when he told me I had stage three adrenal exhaustion.

So, what did I do? I moped. For about 4 days. How long is this going to take to fix? Why me? I thought I was so damn healthy? I did everything I could to be healthy. I don’t have time for this… but I eventually got it together. This was my situation. What was I going to do…

You know that fight? Ya, I still have it. Its in there somewhere. So I created a plan of action compiled from all of the articles I read and youtube videos I watched. I reached out to many other women whom have gone through it for support.

It was time to rebuild and repair. Knowing what is wrong brings me serious amounts of joy.

I have a plan & I look forward to sharing my journey.

Let a new chapter begin…

5 Steps to Healing Adrenal Fatigue
Eating to Heal Adrenal Fatigue


8 thoughts on ““You Have Stage Three Adrenal Fatigue.”

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  3. Thank you for your story!
    I have af/abo… I started having panic attacks, horrible.
    How are you doing now?

    • hi mary!

      thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for leaving a comment. i really appreciate it! i am always happy to share. it has been about a year and a half since i was diagnosed with stage three af. with some mega lifestyle changes i slowly started feeling better. right now, i would say, i am definitely feeling balanced and healthy! (wow, it feels good to type that!)– and i also do about 80/20 on my diet/lifestyle. lots of sleep/rest, good, clean food etc.- – now just more time and energy for some fun stuff too.
      wishing you the best and sending the healing vibes your way.
      stay in touch!


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  7. Wow! I googled “How to heal Severe Adrenal Fatigue” and I found your page. Your story sounds so similar to mine, “Stubborn” being the key word there. Plus, no doctor here has ever mentioned adrenal, so after 6 years of doctors putting me on antidepressants, ADD meds, Adderall, and more I finally started looking for what these symptoms could possibly be. Found a fantastic holistic doctor here and she knew exactly what I had, and then confirmed the adrenal fatigue worse than either one of us ever imagined after the cortisol test came back. Since April I have known this and have spent hundreds of dollars on supplements, but am still drained. I fear its my grip on caffeine that is holding me back. I have a full time job and a 3 year old and a full speed ahead husband so I abuse the caffeine even more to just keep up. I don’t know how to let it go. I quit for days, maybe even a week but then break down and start up again. I so badly want to feel better, but I don’t have the convenience of taking a break or sleeping in extra hours. I am reading your pages just to get more information. Thank you so much for sharing your story!

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