JUST SAY YES. Bucketlist — Surf in California

“Go GO, GO! Paddle, paddle, PADDLE!”

I felt a flutter in my chest as I cranked my neck back to watch the wave coming my way. It was now or never!

Arms were going as fast as they could go. I felt myself drop into the wave and started to cruise quickly over the top of the water. I grabbed the sides of the board and pushed up my chest. Next thing you know, I’m standing… flying (seriously) towards shore.
In that moment, I knew. THAT is what life is about. THAT excitement and bliss is what makes life worth living.

As I was editing my bucketlist, my friend Maggie walked into the coffee shop. I closed my computer at “surf in California” and we chatted for 3 hours.

Right before she left she told me she was going to go surfing in Cali next weekend if I wanted to go. Meant to be? I think so.

Instantly my mind said no. I am financially strapped and I have so much to do this weekend.  I should really be saving my money right now anyway. I was about to say no..(truly I was) and stopped. HELLO. What was I just typing moments ago.

Time to change the thought process:

1. Have you always wanted to go Surfing? Yes.
2. Is there a chance to go being handed to you as we speak? Yes.
3. If you go, will your finances work themselves out like they always do? Yes. 
4. Are you going to starve to death if you take this chance? No.

“Sure thing. I’d freakin’ love to go”

You want to know something?

It was worth it. SO worth it.

5 reasons why:

1. Surf School. Best School there ever was.

2. 66′ VW Bus. Don’t ask. I am still quite baffled as to how this ended up happening, but cruising through Laguna in a VW will forever stay at the top of my cool shit list.

3. Sunrise Carmel Macchiato. Sipping Starbucks at 7am as the beach starts to come alive. You just can’t beat that feeling.

4. Watching the sunset over the ocean, solo, present and bursting with gratitude. Life is amazing!

5. Bike + Newport = Happiness There are healthy folks all over the beach doing what they LOVE with their friends and family. Laughing, playing, reading, relaxing. Its contagious.

Life is too short to think twice.
I challenge you to go with Yes. If you want something… make it happen.
It all works out in the end.

Be well. XO

5 thoughts on “JUST SAY YES. Bucketlist — Surf in California

  1. You are AWESOME lady! You definitely made the right choice. Money is something I struggle with too in situations like this, and I’m always having to remind myself that “I’ll make it work somehow. I always do.” It’s HARD when you’re used to pinching pennies, though. Looks like a blast!

    • Thank you *so much*! I appreciate you stopping by. It can be such a funky situation indeed… but yes. I figure, if I work hard always, I must make time to do things I enjoy.. even if I have to cut other places.. and make it a really cheap trip.. (helllloooo motel 6!) ;) but a little adventure here and there is nonnegotiable. it is a MUST.
      Sending good vibes to you my friend!

  2. I like this mentality. I haven’t always been a genius with my money but there is absolutely no trip I’ve ever regretted taking. I can’t say I even regret a meal eaten out with good company. Studies show those who acquire debt over material purchases experience more depression than those who acquire debt over experiences, i.e. learning to surf, which is, coincidentally, on my 30 while 30 list.

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