Life Outside the Wake — Take a Chance!

Last month I spent 7 wild days with 22 members of my
family. All of us together, under one roof.
Graced to have a family that could successfully
pull that off.. and what a success it was!

Intense volleyball, mad cards,
lounging in the green green grass (can you tell i live in the desert!),
family, food & more family & more food!
Morning walks & night time bonfires. Outdoor yoga,
bottles of wine, hours of boating & I even got to go for a rip
on my dad’s bike!

All my favorite things with my favorite people.

Now, getting back to my point.

Life outside the wake.

After a good wake boarding session. I was chatting with my
parents about life, risks, fears, goals, purpose etc.  (All the
good stuff that can be so confusing) and a connection popped up.
A metaphor for life, really, and the way I want to live  am living.

If you have ever been wake boarding you know that
once you are up out of the water the boat creates a
safety zone. A risk free place to cruise. The wake.

I have been wake boarding for two summers now
and I have always stayed, you guessed it, inside the wake.

Well isn’t that just funny. Stayin’ right within my freakin’
safety zone. I see the other boarders out there
killing it… having the time of their lives.
And then the glass water.
The marvelous stillness of the lake without
a single disruption.
Ahhh, how I am drawn to the glass water.
It is calm. Peaceful and tranquil.
I want to be out there, gliding free.

Well, just as life, right? You see the “glass water”
and you want to be out there. You know you should be out there.
You feel the urge to leave the safety of the wake but
it is scary and unknown.

Life is short and you never know what tomorrow
will bring. Why wait. If you want something, give it a shot.
Too many things are possible for you to live chained to fear.

So if you want to know, yes, I left the wake.
and I face planted.
Tried again.
Flew backwards and skid atop the water.
Tried again.
Ripped right out of the bindings.
(Took me a little to catch on, I know!)


With much persistence, I did it.
This girl was jammin’ on the sweet sweet glass.
Free as a bird in the MN sunshine.

So what are you waiting for?

Decide now that you want to be extraordinary.
Challenge yourself to do something you
have always wanted to do.
Let go of the fear.

It is time my friend, to live.

Life outside the wake.



One thought on “Life Outside the Wake — Take a Chance!

  1. Sounds like you rocked it! Even if you had kept lading on your face (ouch!) becuase you tried wtih all your heart! Great post!

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