Healing Adrenal Fatigue | 5 Steps


It has been 25 weeks since I embarked on a journey to heal my body of stage three Adrenal Fatigue. You can check out my story, HERE.

Ohhh the highs. Ohhh the lows.

I have been receiving countless emails asking about my experience and what I did to start feeling better. I am so very happy to share.

I know the struggle. I know the confusion. I have felt the frustration and the loss of energy and hope. My intention with this post is to encourage anyone suffering with AF to keep going. Learn as much as you can about your body, what makes you feel good and what doesn’t.

The most encouraging thing I read when I was researching Adrenal Fatigue is that you can heal. Your body wants balance and when given the correct tools it will completely balance out. Homeostasis, where we are meant to be living all along!

During the past 6 months I have had such inspired moments and I have also experienced some intense crashes. However, when I truly changed my mindset I started to feel a shift. I had to take my health into my own hands. It was my lifestyle and choices that brought me into this mess, it is going to be my lifestyle and choices that are going to bring me out.
Bring me back to myself.

So I started to read. READ read read. I flew through books, blogs and websites. I also started to work with a really great Holistic Chiropractor. So here we go! This is the consensus of what I have learned through experience and research:

1. REST. REST. REST. Seriously. That has made all the difference in the world. Whatever you have to do to make sure you are getting a good sleep and some time to relax, please DO! I was a runner/crossfitter/exercise maniac go go go type of person. I ceased ALL exercise in the first month. (No exercise, er what?) But really. Then, after the first month I started going for long walks and doing Yin/Restorative Yoga. Now, in the sixth month I started doing a bit of running but mostly stick to my light exercise routine. It was so hard for me at first but extremely helpful. You must do all you can to prevent stress on your adrenal glands. I have come to really enjoy my down time. We are meant to relax, I had really been missing out!
This is what I like to do to simply CHILL. <–

2. *Nutrition/Nourish* Balance. Wow. This is such a biggy and one I am still working on. What worked best for me was to load up on fresh, organic when possible, CLEAN food. Gluten and I do not jive so I cut that out. My body doesn’t do well on dairy either so I got rid of that. Most importantly I removed caffeine and sugar. Those were the two most beneficial and also the hardest. :D It was a rough start, but when I got going I felt *so much better*— I read that sugar and caffeine uber stimulate and stress the adrenal glands. I loved coffee so now I treat myself to a coffee (always decaf!) once in a while and that is ok for me. When I eat good and get good rest I don’t need caffeine to function anyways.

So if it comes from the earth, good. If it comes from a package, no good. When I was in stage three adrenal fatigue I craved sugar *so much*– so this was definitely not easy at first. Trust me though, it gets better. I guess I would say that when I am eating veggie based primal I feel the best. Also, lots and lots of water, but you don’t need AF to know that!

I still have crashes once in a while that really mess with my balance, especially nutritionally, but for the most part I am able to eat super clean. I have currently lost 20 of the 30ish lbs I gained over the past three years. Eehhkk. That weight was just STUCK, but I swear relaxing & eating good has allowed my body to regain its balance slowly but surely. *Halle-freakin’-lujah!*



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3. SUPPLEMENTS!- – First thing my mother did was send me a Shaklee box. I jumped right back into my high quality supplement routine. In the case of Adrenal Fatigue, I read that it is very important to get your Vitamin C and B vitamins. I take a Vitamin-C, B-complex, Multi-vitamin and Calcium Magnesium. I try not to go a day without them.

4. Awareness Practice.– Now this is important. I never realized how *tense* I always was… it was sad! My body was tense, my mind was tense and going going going. Yin/Restorative Yoga has really helped me to relax. I go for long walks of gratitude. Journal. Meditate a little bit– (although meditating can either be calming or torturous for me, hey just being honest!) I do all of this when I can. Sometimes one thing a day, sometimes none. I don’t force anything or regimen anything because that just stresses me out all over again! Just spend some time outside, reflecting and appreciating life & mother nature when I can. Make your “me time” a priority, it is SO very very important!

5. SUPPORT, Massage & a Super Dr.– a friend of mine recommended a great Dr. –(Dr. Demartino, Las Vegas). I was seeing him 2x a week for a micro-current treatment. Having a knowledgeable doctor that suffered with AF at one time in his life made all the difference in the world! I hope anyone suffering with AF is able to find themselves a good doc.

I know my bi-monthly massage and adjustment at the chiro made a positive impact too. Having bodywork is probably one of my favorite things in the world. So very very relaxing and also energy lifting. This is nonnegotiable for me.

Last but not least– SUPPORT. I don’t know how I could ever put this into words. My mom, dad & sisters were there for me always. I could never in a million years done this without them. Every phone call, Skype sesh, card and text during the good and the bad… I burst with gratitude. Round up those closest to you and ask them for help. You will be so grateful you did.

As of today I am feeling like my old self again. Confident (man, I missed that!) and healthy. Ready to take on the world. Don’t get me wrong, I still have days where it is difficult, but I have learned those times don’t last long. I feel so blessed to have this wake up call to really slow down and enjoy life a little bit more. I have realized that what I have and who I am now, in this moment is just right. That is a wondrous realization.

If you read this whole thing, I thank you. If you have AF I wish you strength, understanding and inner guidance. You can do it.

Be well, XO

Elyse’ Renae


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*Remember this is an account of my own personal experience. Please consult with your Dr. before making any lifestyle changes. TY!*

60 thoughts on “Healing Adrenal Fatigue | 5 Steps

      • iam really glad to know ur recovering , and it gives us hope and strength that we will recover too.iam doing the same as ur doing and I can feel the difference, iam not perfectly alright but iam better than a few months back.

      • Hi there asra! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment on this post. It sure feels like it has helped many people and it brings me great joy to know you are feeling better! Keep up the positive attitude and your healthy routine! Wishing you the best. Be well!

  1. Thanks for sharing such great info. I’m from Vegas as well. I’m going to be checking out your doctor since I can’t sleep that well anymore.

    • hey there! so happy to connect & appreciate the compliment… apologies for taking so much time to write you back… :) have you had a chance to see dr. demartino?

      • I did two weeks ago and he found large amounts of mercury in my body. Kinda coincides with the fact that I had mercury fillings and recently had them removed (safely). Regardless I felt worse when I had the removed. Anyhow, I’m on the second week of 400 micrograms of selenium and 39 drops of ultra liquid zeolite a day. Hope this works ;)

    • HI Welner, I read your comment about having your fillings taken out and then feeling worse. How are you feeling now? I have so many fillings to remove and am nervous about it. thanks!

  2. Thank you! This is so so so encouraging! It’s good to know that I’m on the right track, and that people do recover from this and get back to functioning better than normal!

    • hey anna! i am so glad you stumbled upon my post! i checked out your blog as well…! so glad you know what is going on and that you are on the right track. hope all is well! :)

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  4. Hi I was wondering about how many days once you started your program did you start to at least feel “better”… I can barely function & could stay in bed every day if I could. Just wondering how long into it you started to feel like you could function part-way :). Thanks!!

    • hey annie!
      thank you very much for stopping by–i would have to say that after about two weeks after making shifts in my lifestyle i started to feel better. NOW, the shifts were gradual and i had many learning experiences. sometimes as soon as i started to feel better i would jump right back into my “OLD WAYS” and have a crash.
      it was a very difficult thing to balance because i wanted so badly to just be normal again. then i would have to, what it felt like, was start over.
      however, even now that i am feeling over 100% i *STILL* do my super healthy routine most of the time and then of course live a normal life and have fun the rest of the time.
      hope this helps and wasn’t too vague. i believe it will be different for everyone, just do the best you can when you can and it will all work out.
      :D enjoy the day!

    • Hi Wendy!

      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on my blog. I have just changed it up a bit and removed the information on the essential oils. When I started researching oils I decided that I don’t know enough about them to be referring them to others. I am really trying to find out the best oils and what would be the best for the adrenals. Please stay posted and I hope you understand.
      Thank you!


  5. Hi,

    I am wondering, did you also have mental difficulites, like cloudy thoughts, slow thoughts, bad memory and concentration? And if so, when did these things got better. I ask because if have adrenal fatique myself, i am 5 months underway on a diet of Dr. Wilson and i feel better that ever, but no big changes in my mental powers? I know it can take 1 tot 2 years, but i am just curious.

    By the way, thx for your story.

    • Hi JMulderij,

      Thank you for stopping by and for reaching out. I most definitely had difficulty with all of those things. For me, mainly, I felt almost frantic and really couldn’t concentrate. Everything overwhelmed me. I would say those feelings started to subside about a month or two into my “healing process”- – however, there were times that I would have a “crash” and the feelings would come back until I got back into my healthy routine for a few weeks… It took me about a year and a half to fully feel like my old self again and to where I was functioning 100%. Still have to keep up on the healthy diet and rest to maintain. Hope this kind of helps. :)
      Wishing you only the best.


  6. Great, uplifting words! I’m strugging with this, give us an update on how you are doing. Im sucking wind just getting to work each day. Was training for my second trialathon when it all fell apart. Miss working out so badly. When will you feel fully recovered, you think?

    • Hi Ron,

      Thank you so much for reaching out. I really appreciate you taking the time to make a comment and for sharing. I totally understand where you are coming from. AF can be so frustrating. When you just want to do normal things and it takes so much effort. I will be creating a blog post as soon as time permits with an update. (I get a lot of requests and really love to share.. you can follow my blog on the main page upper right hand corner and you will get the email!) Briefly I am feeling back to my old self. It took well over a year but with my lifestyle changes (when maintained) I felt better within a few weeks! I believe it is different for everyone..
      Wishing you much health & load of patience while you go through this.


  7. Elyse,
    Hello! Thank you for your blog and sharing. It is a relief to know it’s not ‘just in my head’, that it is real, and others do know how it feels and what to do to get over it. I will email you to forward on to Stacey about the oils I read about above. Any suggestions on overcoming the addiction to sugar and caffeine? I would GREATLY appreciate them! I agree with the person above that said she/he could stay in bed all day. I lack energy in a big way! I miss running also; it was my de-stressor.
    I will try the yoga.
    My thanks to everyone who has visited your blog in the search for answers. I see so much of me in you and them, which is encouraging in that we are not alone and healing is possible.
    Thanks again. Have an energized and relaxing day.

    • Hi Ruth,
      Thank you so very much for stopping by my blog and for taking the time to comment. I really appreciate it. I am always happy to share. :)
      Please feel free to email me about the oils.. I can easily forward your information on to Stacey.
      Definitely not in your head! That was one of my biggest struggles. I felt so guilty and kept telling myself to just “get it together. be stronger. push. push. push.” etc. OY! SO BAD! There is only one way to approach this and it is with a calm compassion and understanding.
      If you have a chance to jump into a Yin Yoga class you definitely should. (Sometimes the vinyasa flow or power yoga can be a bit fast!)
      As for the caffeine and sugar? I know for me, I had to cut it out completely.. for a good couple months, first few days were tough (really freakin’ headachey TOUGH.) BUT it was only a few days and then I felt SO MUCH BETTER. that was until I would have caffeine a few weeks later, leading to sugar and having to “start over” :P oh, the joys!
      It has been amazing, the commonality between all of those who have visited, commented and emailed. DEFINITELY not alone. :)

      Sending only good vibes to you Ruth, and I thank you again for leaving a comment…. wishing you the best!


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  9. I love love love to exercise but I can’t anymore. Exhausted, sucking wind, yea all of that. Thank you for your blog. No one understands what this is like. I’m in my 3 month of recovery. It’s taking so long but I’m reading more than ever. Looking for help and it takes time. Hopefully a plan will come to light, getting test done etc. to make sure I’m not missing anything serious. Keep on keeping on.

    • Greetings Jackie!
      Thank you so very much for stopping by the blog and leaving me a comment. I totally feel for you… have been there FOR SURE. Good for you for reading up on it and understanding that it takes time. It sure does, but is very worth it.
      Keep listening to your body, it knows! Eat clean healthy food and rest, you’ll get there. Let me in on any updates and I truly wish you the best in your recovery.

      Keep on keeping on. :]

  10. HI there, thank you for your blog. It’s really comforting to see other people dealing with this very real health problem, and to learn that we can all get better. I’m curious to learn more about your symptoms, or the symptoms of stage 3. I know I am/was pretty far gone and it’s been almost 4 months that I’ve been working with a functional neurologist and on a super strict hormone balancing and diet/supplement regime. Wondering how much longer I’ll be in this limbo stage without consistent progress and sleep patterns. Also interested in the oils you mentioned… Can we all just get together and talk about this?!?! hahaha. Thank you for your blog.

    • Hey there Shandi!

      I appreciate you stopping by the blog! YES! I would LOVE to get us all together for a little coffee and discussion! (decaf, of course! ;)) But in all seriousness, I appreciate your kind words. I am very happy to share my experience and what worked for me in hopes it can help others. (I will be blogging that as soon as life slows down for me a little bit here!) – –

      Hear from you soon and sending loads of healing vibes your way!


  11. Thanks for your lovely blog post – it helped me a lot.
    The yoga studio a short walk from me actually does yin yoga, so i’ve been going regularly and i really love it. I’m also trying to meditate daily.
    I think i’ve been a typical Type A personality, so it’s been hard for me to stop, to adjust my expectations of myself, and to focus properly on healing (I also have leaky gut, which is a pain lol).
    I really miss exercising like I used to (or just daily – i love cycling and miss it).
    Now that you are recovered now, do you have enough energy to exercise at full strength? I’d love to get back into cycling and more hiking.
    I started my recovery about four months ago and every few weeks seem to have a crash (as i get more energy, and then do too much. Does anyone else have that experience? I am getting better at managing it).
    Thanks again for the lovely blog.
    Liz x

    • Liz!

      When I read your comment and it made my day and it just made my day again. Yin Yoga is such a beautiful practice and I am so happy that you have been going to classes regularly! Thank you for the kind words and for letting me know my blog has helped you!
      Honestly, from what I have heard from EVERYONE who has reached out to me so far is that slowing down and adjusting expectations has been the most difficult part of healing.. I believe awareness is the number one thing and we are all there, on the right track!

      As for my current exercise routine, yes, there are some days where I KILL it… sweating my butt off and it feels SO GOOD. HOWEVER, big however, I really play my exercise routine by ear. When I wake up in the morning I pretty much do whatever my body tells me it is good for. If I am feeling lots of energy, I will push myself a bit harder. If I am feeling AT ALL physically drained for any reason, I’ll simply go for a gratitude walk in the sunshine followed by a little Yoga.. and somedays if I don’t want to exercise.. I don’t. I would NEVER have done that a year or two ago. I would force myself to PUSH PUSH PUSH, even when my body was telling me NO NO NO. Exercise these days is done without guilt and shoulds.. I do whatever I want. HELLO FREEEEEDOM! :D
      Just listen.

      And yes Liz, my first 6 months to a year I had plenty of crashes… in fact, I believe I had a minor crash after the fourth of july this year (being at home with old friends and lots of family left little room for sleeping, clean eating and healthy walks, LOL) BUT, with each and every crash my bounce back time got shorter. It is *SO* easy to overdo it when you start feeling better, for me it was like hey, IM BACK! if I have the energy, im not slowing down! LOL, but now I do. Life is so much more enjoyable when I take time to leisure read, go for a walk, create a collage or seriously just sit outside and watch the clouds. (thats my favorite when it isnt too hot here in vegas!)

      OMG, writing a book here!

      Let me know how you are doing and sending a lot of healthy healing good vibes!

      • You’re right about slowing down Elyse. I’ve been aware for a long time that I need to learn how to relax and rest and I figure this is the universe’s way of actually making me work out how to do that! I know it’s a blessing, despite how frustrating it is sometimes.
        I find the crashes so difficult (and the general lack of energy – esp when other pple don’t quite get it. I wouldn’t have either though, before i got this).
        A big part of the process seems to be working things out, bit by bit (from diagnosing other malfunctioning bits ie my thyroid to how to manage life and energy day by day).
        I like your blog as it’s much more about the emotional/self-care/non-medical things you can do for yourself, which are SO important i think to help shape your general mindset so that recovery can happen.
        If you do set up a facebook page, that would be unreal ;)
        PS To all the coffee addicts (and that has definitely included me in the recent past), i can honestly say that after about six months off it i don’t miss it now (sugar was easier to give up!)

  12. Hi, my new doctor just told me she suspects I have adrenal fatigue. All I know is I’m exhausted all the time no matter how much sleep I get. I was just wondering if it matters what time of day you exercise? I’d like to start back walking and doing some yoga. I’m also interested in the essential oils you mentioned. A nurse friend at my church was just telling me about some wonderful results she was seeing with oils and she recommended I try some for my migraines. Thanks for sharing your story – and for letting us know that it is possible to (mostly) give up coffee without life losing all meaning :)

    • Hi Teresa!
      Thank you for stopping by and commenting on this post. I am sorry to hear that you are suffering with adrenal fatigue, NO FUN! I have read that it is better to exercise in the morning.. that you don’t really want to do too much physical exertion before trying to sleep at night… however, like anything it depends on the person. It is always best to listen to your body! :D
      As for the essential oils.. I actually removed that part of the post because I was getting so many inquires on it and I wasn’t exactly positive on what to share with people. I am doing my research on oils for AF and will definitely be posting ASAP. Oils can be very healing as long as you are using the right ones and that is what I am trying to find out! :D
      The best to you Teresa and as for the coffee, well, that is a close one! ;) (Decaf all the way!)

  13. Thank you for your story after almost 2 years searching I was told I have Severe Adrenal Fatigue, no cortisol no melatonin and my hormone balance is way off. I have been on an Anti-Inflammatory diet from my Dr.and placed on numerous supplements. I can hardly function still after 3 months. I pray daily it will soon change lately I wake up several times at night and have anxiety attacks during the day. I have reached the end of my rope. I thank you and I hope to find some strength reading your story and possibly help to get my life back.

    • Oh Darlene, your message just makes my heart ache. I am so sorry that you are going through this. I am very glad that my post has given you hope. There are many people out there who know what you are going through. I read a book recently (there is a post on my blog about it) called WomanCode it is all about hormonal balance. Maybe you can check it out and it can help you.
      I wish you only the best and send healthy vibes your way.
      Keep on keeping on. XO

  14. Hi Elyse, Thank you so much for this post. I thought I was reading a story that someone else had written about my experience with Adrenal Fatigure. I previously competed in fitness physique competitions, was a Black Belt in Karate, involved in powerlifting compeititons and did crossfit. Loved Loved Loved what I was doing and I was achieving in all things. Life was great . . . then came the downward spiral. I would wake up each morning feeling like I had been hit by a truck, not recovering, gaining weight (15kg’s) in total. I eventually went to my Doctor and he ran some blood tests revealling that there where issues, however because they were not extreme enough he was not concerned. I then found a great Natropath who has put me on the right path for the slow road to recovery. Its been about 6 months now and I am only just starting to wake up in the morning with enough energy to make it through the day. I hope in the next six months I will be able to resume some sort of exercise program and lose the weight I gained. It’s very hard changing a lifestyle that has been “what you are” for the past 45 years, but that is what I need to do to recover fully from this.

    • Hey sharon,
      I can relate re the changing your identity sentiment! I used to be an exercise nut and find this hard also! I had a lot of body issues so it feels like a (hard) lesson for me, in a way.
      Good luck,
      Liz :)

    • Hi Sharon!
      Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment! I am glad my post resonated with you, and let met tell you, you are not the only one! There are many “power houses” out there that just over do it sometimes and find themselves out of balance.
      It is very encouraging to hear you are feeling better. Changing your lifestyle completely sure isn’t easy.. I know for me just getting the “little voice of guilt” out of my head was the hardest part!
      You are on the road to recovery! Just knowing what it is can be a powerful thing! Keep on keeping on. Wellness wishes and healthy vibes are being sent your way.
      Thank you for sharing!


  15. Hi, I’m really struggling with AF, have been now this extremely for around a year. I silent half my time in bed. I’m so exhausted and so unhappy. I don’t feel that there’s any point in me being here at all. It’s so draining. I have a family who I struggle to take care of. I just want to be ok.

    Did you sort out a FB group?


    • Hey Bonnie – that sucks. I hope you start to feel better. I’ve been sick for a year also and in treatment for about six months. Recently i have noticed a little improvement, but i’ve also found a new naturopath who is looking at my thyroid and changing my supplementation regime, so hopefully that helps w energy. I hope you have someone good to work with.
      There are a couple of facebook groups i’ve found useful:
      and this guy
      Liz :)

    • Hi there Bonnie.
      Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing what you are going through. I know AF can be so very frustrating and confusing. I am very appreciative for Liz coming in and posting a few FB links. I did start a group but it is not active, I believe the groups posted below might be of more value to you.
      Are you seeing a Dr. at all? I know my Holistic Chiro was such a big help.. that might be beneficial for you right now. I couldn’t imagine taking care of a family while going through this. I hope you are able to make yourself a priority, Bonnie.
      Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you. Sending many healing, healthy wishes your way for a recovery.

      In my thoughts and prayers,


    • Hi Melanie!

      I appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment. I am very happy to share my experience! As for the essential oils, I made the decision to remove that from the post because it is something I want to research a little bit more. I am not 100% sure and I really want to be confident in what I am talking about before offering suggestions to others.
      I hope you understand. All my well wishes!

      E xo

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  17. Wow, thanks for writing this!! I was diagnosed with very low cortisol and DHEA in March (which actually was a relief, given I finally knew what was causing my low blood pressure, low blood sugar, weight loss, fatigue and constant anxiety) but due to being busy and stressed and my work schedule I never got a handle on it. Reading this motivates me to try to get better. I am wondering if you ever tried the adrenal hormone extracts (like the ones from pig or cow) or if you have any thoughts on these and if they work. Thanks!!

    • Hi Jennifer–
      Thank you very much for taking the time to leave a comment. I am so glad you stopped by my blog! So sorry to hear you are having health issues. It is very relieving to know what is going on so that you can start making changes toward balance.
      I have had people email me and ask me about hormone replacements. I did not try that at all and have no experience in it. Some articles I read advised against using hormone replacements saying that it could further throw your body out of wack and then your body might stop naturally making what you are taking which is no beuno. Makes sense.
      That probably doesn’t help too much, but Id say it would be something worth researching.
      Again, thanks for stopping by, wishing you the best! :D

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  19. Thank you for this helpful blog. AF is so incredibly frustrating. It is interesting to read that many of us had the same pre-AF lifestyle: lots of working out, pushing through the exhaustion, trying to be everything to everybody and then for me, boom – it hits from out of nowhere. A year ago I would have never believed that this would be my life. I struggle to get through the days. I thought I was getting better and then overextended myself doing yard work about five days ago and now I am back in a rut again. I have been dealing with this fatigue and exhaustion for eight months now. After about three months, I started feeling somewhat better but I am not where I want to be. I try to have patience with myself and realize that for the time being, the life that I would like is not attainable because I don’t have the energy for it. Every time I think I am getting better I seem to have a setback because I exercise too hard, eat something I should not, etc. It’s nice to know I am not the only one dealing with this but it sure is sad that so many of us are living with such fatigue and distress about this condition. I have read in numerous places that it has taken some people two years to get to where they want to be, so I don’t lose hope but I have to keep reminding myself to take it easy so that I don’t wind up overdoing it again and backtracking. It is definitely a balancing act to try to feel as well as one can.

    • Hi Maureen.

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment & for the kind words on my blog. I absolutely understand exactly what you are saying. I *STILL* have “dips” once in a while if I am not careful with my lifestyle. That balance. All about that balance.
      I believe attitude is a big part of it.. and although sometimes it is hard, having a good one can make a big difference. We are such similar individuals. It sure is nice to hear that we aren’t alone, isn’t it?
      It really sounds like you have a great head on your shoulders and you are doing what you can to heal. I wish you nothing but the best and I sure hope you get to that place you want to be. Keep going.
      Sending loads of happy healthy energy your way,


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  21. Awesome read, I’m a 26 yr old male who was diagnosed with severe Af about 9 months ago. I’ve lived a life full of stress and bad eating habits, although I’ve been very active with lifting for about 5 years straight in the end it really only contributed to the Af. Extreme body inflammation, head pressure/tension and body/joint/muscle aches. I also had to start taking low dose thyroid medicine. It’s crazy how we thing we are in great shape and our body really isn’t agreeing with what we are doing. I’ve completely Changed my diet and lifestyle, no drinking or caffeine and eating a lot if veggies. Were you having problems with any of the things I do?

    • Hi James!

      Thank you for stopping by and for the positive feedback. I am so sorry to hear about your AF diagnosis. I know exactly how frustrating this can be. Our bodies sure have a way of telling us what isn’t working, don’t they?
      I am glad to hear you are making positive changes in your lifestyle. I am sure that is helping a lot.
      Yes, inflammation for sure… not so much the joint/muscle aches, however, others have shared to me that they have had that experience.
      I did not have to take any kind of thyroid medicines either, but I know you are not the only one doing that either. I have posted a lot on my blog of my experiences. Feel free to check it out.
      Sending many good vibes your way to fast healing. Keep listening to your body James and eating healthy.
      The best always, Elyse’

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  23. hi. I think I have adrenal crash. I go go go working 60 plus hours per week. Sole support for ny family. I give everything to my family. Im on effexor and sometimes I just crash.. I cant get out of bed my body aches I feel sluggish and can sleep for what seems like an eternity. I have no desire to exercise or eat right. Im having a crash right now. Laid in bed all day. Hate this

    • Hi Jewel — Ah, I am so sorry that you are going through this. Do you have a local holistic Dr. that you can visit who might have more information on Adrenal Fatigue? It is good to have support while you are finding your way. Definitely take a look at your lifestyle and if there are any small steps that you can take today, definitely do it. I am sending healthy vibes your way and wishing you the best. Keep on keeping on — xx

  24. Thank you for this great AF page – it’s nice to read and get support from fellow AF healers. My crash was in May, I felt it coming on but had no idea why I was feeling that way. The last straw was my niece’s graduation which never ended and I had to catch cat naps during the ceremony. I’m pretty sure the cat naps kept me out of the ER. I couldn’t do anything more than eat/sleep for a week or two. My issues were fueled by over exercising in the FL heat and humidity, playing tennis a few times a week in this heat and back to back matches at night and then in the morning. I also work in real estate and am always on the go. I also had company in town for a few months that didn’t allow me to get adequate, quality sleep. I am certain the exercise in the heat and no sleep combo were primary factors. In addition to the yard work, house work, business, etc. I am also 52 and overweight. I am seeing a homeopathic practitioner now and taking supplements to include Super Cortisol Support by NOW, biotin, selenium, kelp, c, d3, magnesium, valerian, multi b. and progesterone cream I feel so much better after 3 months. I am working out 30 mins on lighter weights and eating an excellent diet. I included some lean meats and fish per my practitioner’s advice and will work on losing weight. I walk the dogs a few times a day, short walks based on heat and energy (they don’t like the heat either). I did thorough blood work to check my T3 and T4 levels for my thyroid – I’m waiting to get these results, but already know my T4 is 6.16, hypothyroid, which from what I read can be triggered by AF. Although af hit me hard, I know it took time to wear my body down like this and I will give it time to heal and nourish the soul. This will happen all is good time. I can get through the day now without a nap or caffeine and I sleep on a regualr schedule, it’s quiet, dark and cool and no electronics beeping all night. When this heat breaks I’ll start a nice garden and grow a few of my own organics. I also belong to an organic co-op that is just wonderful. They have the same produce that is delivered to various grocers, but at a better price and a wide selection. I pick the produce up at a friends house and weigh it out, and pack it up with all of the other organic food lovers. I thank the Lord that this was a wonderful wake up call. I wish everyone the best in their healing too – we are all smart, intuitive people who are ready and willing to heal our bodies. Thank you Elyse for your wonderful insight I will try Yin Yoga next and definitely want to start meditating. :) I hope this wasn’t TMI. lol!

    • Ahhh, Julie Julie Julie — I was thinking, “Ohh, no.” when I started reading your comment, then as I got about half way through it I kept thinking, “Yes, she is doing it! Woo!” — I am so happy for you. Like you said, maybe this could be a blessing in disguise? I think my AF was… imagine if I didn’t have it, I wouldn’t be able to connect with all of you and who knows where my life would be physically/mentally/spiritually. Julie, it sounds like you are on the right track for sure.. keep us updated on how you are doing and if you try Yin/Restorative Yoga, let me know how you like it. :D Many blessings! xx

  25. Hey there. This is the first positive comforting blog, I have come across. I too am a go go go person and have recently been dealing with adrenal fatigue that literally came out of no where. Life was going great obviously I had been under a lot of stress but I thought I was doing right by being at the gym to release all stressors. Now I am off work for a while on the couch trying to rest and be somewhat of a bum to recover. Taking supplements and minerals and eat right plus juicing. Im working hard to be patient but as many of you can relate its not easy. Thanks again for being so encouraging!

    • Hey Gina, it makes me so happy to know that you found comfort from the blog. Thank you for taking the time to write a comment and for the kind words. I know many of us know exactly how you feel. Keep doing what you are doing, taking care of YOU, resting and lifestyle shifts. If you need support let me know.. not easy, but possible. You got this. Keep on keeping on. Elyse’ xx

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