Must See Concert — Jason Mraz

Jason Mraz + Christina Perri
Red Rock Amphitheater —  Las Vegas, NV
October 7th, 2012

Every instrument under the sun was on the stage that night. There were people among people, all there, together. Singing, laughing, dancing, FEELING and just being. Ah, Jason Mraz, how I love you.

Jason Mraz in concert. It has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember. My best friend introduced me to his music in 10th grade and it has been a family favorite ever since.

It is positive. Uplifting. Energy creating. You can not help but feel happy when Mr. A-Z starts jamming. SO when I saw he was coming to Vegas I just knew I had to go.
I jumped online, transferred money… from my SAVINGS and 20 minutes later I had a ticket (with GREAT SEATS!) in my hand. Sometimes you just have to do it!

It was a charming, warm Las Vegas night. My good friend Laura (a concert goer & Jason fan.. rock star if you will) was with me.. I swear you could just feel the connectedness.
An experience that could never be traded for any-[thing]!

Also I must mention… Christina Perri rocked.
I really liked her music and vibe. I would definitely go see her again.

Sending MAD love to all those that took a minute to read this.. in the words of Jason Mraz:



Be well. Do coo shit. XO


2 thoughts on “Must See Concert — Jason Mraz

    • hey there- –
      thank you for stopping by! :)
      i couldn’t agree more, mr. mraz is quite amazing! i did change it up, but i might change it back! LOL
      you know, just finding my little way here, haha. have a happy happy holiday!

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