Goals with Soul– Hey there, 2014!

Be happy now. That was the intention I set at the start of 2013.

It felt like yesterday, didn’t it? And let me tell you, this past year was full of happy.

There were abundant ups. There were a few stagnant moments and oh yes, there were plenty of challenges and lessons learned. Overall it was a blessed year and the simplicity of that intention was the perfect way to step into 2013.

With that said, once again, I am not setting any New Years resolutions.

Nope. I’ll just be focusing on a few core desired feelings to influence the coming months.
Core desired feelings…  also know as goals with soul!

Check out the Marie Forleo & Danielle LaPorte interview all about Desire Mapping, here!

Danielle invites us to dig deep, asking the why behind our goals? What is it that you want to feel? Gah, I just love this concept. No starting points and no stopping points. Not strict guidelines, no rules. Just mindful art.

Letting go of what others think and allowing our actions (big or small) to generate these feelings from within. Not looking for success from outside sources. Boom.

Here are my 7 Core Desired feelings that shall fuel my New Year:

  • Abundance
  • Connected
  • Feminine
  • Free
  • Light
  • Love
  • Purpose

May 2014 bless each of you with vibrant health, happiness and all that you desire.

In gratitude always,




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