Surprise in Saratoga Springs! — Bucket List

There we stood, with our mouths gaping open, unable to speak a single word.
It felt like time had stopped.
“Holy shit.” I whispered over to Tom.
“Seriously.” He said back to me with a big smile.

It was a beautiful sunny day in the middle of the woods in Saratoga Springs, NY. Just an hour earlier we got directions to Saratoga Performing Arts Center from a Syracuse native at Uncommon Grounds coffee house. (Great brew, BTW)
It was a shortcut through the woods, but we figured “why not?”

So we were just wandering along, enjoying the day on our way to the concert venue.
Taking in the fresh air, a new place and each other’s company.

We were chatting about life when Tom gently guided me to the side of the trail as a small group was approaching.

With a smile and a nod, Jack Johnson leisurely rode past us on a bicycle.

He and his family soon disappeared around the corner and into the woods.

Once we realized that it had indeed happened, we smiled, too… and continued on our way to SPAC for the “From Here to Now to You” Tour.
Along with 15,000 other Jack Johnson fans we sang and danced into the night under the stars.

The whole weekend was quite the experience! The show, amazing. Feel good tunes, time with my love… and being able to see Jack riding through the woods. It was all pretty cool.


We wrapped up the weekend with a drive to New Hartford to visit my little grandma Barr. I haven’t seen her in almost four years so it sure was nice to spend some time visiting with her. I never thought I’d make it back to upstate NY to see her, so this was quite the gift and probably the highlight of the trip.

From there we cruised to Syracuse and hopped a plane to DC, then another to Charlotte and finally arrived back in Dallas late Sunday night.

It was pretty exciting to be able to cross Jack Johnson off my Bucket List. I have a feeling it won’t be the last time I see him in concert.. and who knows, maybe we will meet again some day on the road. ;)

Sending happy, healthy good vibes to you always!


 “Love is the answer at least to most of the questions in my heart. ”

– Better Together




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