Keep on truckin’ —

Yes, the title of this post is indeed from a Grateful Dead song.

Friends, it’s about to get all personal up in here.

This past weekend I found myself in a funk, a pretty good funk at that.
I was feeling confused, overwhelmed and not very confident.

So much so that I took my blog right on down.

Life can be so funny can’t it? I am human and I was struggling. In fact, my attitude was pretty shitty and I even let that icky little voice that I talk about (I even talked about it in my last post!) get to me. And get to me it did.

While in this major mood (lasting 2.5 days) I convinced myself that I have no right to be a bright side advocate. You know, who am I to tell anyone that being positive can change your life (it can) when I was stuck in this negative bubble myself. I asked myself who am I to tell people to stick with the positive when I was over taken with self doubt… so yes, I allowed that little nasty voice to strip me of my confidence and I took the blog down.

Luckily, I have support. The BEST support I could ever ask for… and Tom pulled it all back into perspective.

You know, when I write these posts about living the good life through healthy living & adventure, it isn’t from a place of authority. It isn’t from place of better than or perfection. There is no “here” and “there”.

I write them to emphasize the lessons I’ve learned along this never ending journey. I write them to remind myself to how far I’ve come and I write them to inspire someone who might just be feeling funky themselves. It is just like my favorite Oprah quote,  “and so together we rise”.

I’m not perfect. Ohhh I am so far from it. Trying to be is pure madness. I am human and I will have days where I don’t do everything that I know is good for me. There will be days that I need support, too.

If you are reading this post, thank you. Thank you, thank you. I will keep writing. I will keep teaching class and I will keep going. If you need that support, I will be there with words of encouragement because absolutely anything is possible. (This I know is true.)

If you feel like you are taking a step back anywhere in your life, don’t get discouraged. Gah, give yourself a break! (Im talking to you too, Elyse) and in the wise words of Tom.. “The great thing is, every single morning is a fresh start. Its a brand new day and you have another chance to make it the best.”

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Just like Yoga, we practice.

This is my daily practice, with each day, a new chance.

1. Attitude. It truly is everything. Everything. Everything. Do whatever you need to do to shake the tude and change your perspective. The bright side is always a better option.

2. Patience. I sometimes wonder if this is going to be something I practice every single day for the rest of my life! Some days I feel good and some days are so unbelievably unsuccessful that I practically drive myself crazy. Patience is my calm and patience is my practice.

What is your practice?


“Sometimes the light’s all shinin’ on me, other times I can barely see. Just keep truckin’ on..


So much love,





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