And so together, we rise. This is so important for AFers.

Hello friends!

I have an awesome topic for you today. As you probably know, I recently spent two weeks at home, in Northern Minnesota with family and friends. This post is a result of that experience as it was drawn right on up to the surface.

A lot of time, when I was in the midst of Adrenal Fatigue, I kept to myself. Now there is nothing wrong with alone time, in fact, I LOVE spending time doing my own thing… BUUUUT there is a big difference between lovingly taking time for myself to recharge and completely avoiding the world… making excuses to why I couldn’t talk, or go, or do.

Support. Support. Support.

I am so lucky that I had a resilient mama who knew something was wrong, even when I was in complete denial and feeling loads of guilt. She definitely wouldn’t give up on me! As sad as it is, there were times that I really avoided my friends and family. Maybe it was the overwhelm, the lack of confidence or the guilt I had for not feeling like myself… but MAN, you just can’t do that!

Whether you have AF or not…. I’ll tell you right now, it is vital that you have a support system in place when times get funky. Someone who loves you and won’t judge. A good listener. Maybe it is your mom or sister, spouse or best friend, brother, coach or neighbor. If they ask you what is up, reach out to you and want to be there — allow them in.

Talking it out is extremely therapeutic. You have many of the important tools you need (eating clean, releasing guilt, ways to relax and resources) —  sometimes it isn’t easy to make these changes on your own and support is the key.

My mother logged many hours on the phone with me while I contemplated in determination, cried, succeeded, failed and began again.

While at home last weekend we finally talked about the journey. Ohhh, the journey. We sat on a blanket in the green grass and she shared with me, tearfully, how grateful she is to see me so healthy and happy.
I thanked her. I thanked her for the endless support. We cried and hugged and in that moment I knew how important it was that she was there for me.

I urge you to reach out to your loved ones, too. AF or not, connect with those around you. It is beyond beneficial to keep sacred your relationships. Take time for those you love. Call. Meet for lunch. Send a card. Be there. Listen.

I’ll be here for you, too.

Let’s support each other to slow down, love up.

And so together, we rise.


The biggest THANK YOU there could ever be to my mom, dad and sisters. To Thomas Ray, the man of my dreams. To the nut farm and friends that are always there. I love you guys! 



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6 thoughts on “And so together, we rise. This is so important for AFers.

  1. Family is the blessing that you are born with. They are our greatest support systems and I will never forget the gratitude I owe my family who talk, listen, laugh, and cry with me when I need them.

  2. I couldn’t agree more with Judy.. so blessed to be part of the nut farm. I refer to you guys as my family and such an inspirational family you are! Those two weeks cleared my head, left me with a happy heart and a determined attitude to take on the world. Hope to see you soon– Love you sister!

    • I love this Coco… I know my little fellow Virgo will take that determined attitude far. We are so blessed to have the support of the nut farm, always. I love you, too! Keep rocking. xoxoxoxoxo

  3. Love your blog Elyse! It has always been a comfort to me to know my family is there no matter what happens……that was proven eleven years ago when I was at the lowest point in my life. The sorrow and sadness I felt was so overwhelming, I really don’t know how I would have gotten thru it on my own. I feel teary now just thinking about it. Through all of life’s ups and downs, there is the support and love that makes it all the better!

    • Yes! Peggy, yes. I get emotional just reading this, reading the comments and thinking about it all. No matter what happens. We are so blessed. Thank you for the blog love, I appreciate you more than you’ll ever know! XOXO <3

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