All about that GLOW — 5 tips to the best skin ever

We had been working together for about a month when my co-worker  said, “Ok, Elyse’. I feel like I’ve known you long enough to ask.”

“What’s up?” I said.

“Your skin. It is so clear. What do you do?”  she replied.

Ahh, yes. I am very fortunate to say that, for the most part, my skin is indeed clear. And I am always happy to share what I do aaaaand what I don’t do. Here are my five tips to get you on the fast track to vibrant skin!

 1. What you put in.

If you have read my post on eating clean, you know I am a major advocate for real food. Food the body recognizes, breaks down and food that truly nourishes. I know that this is one reason my skin is smooth. A big ‘no thanks’ to the processed, toxiny fake crap. Not rigid, there is a balance but… keep it real. (literally.)

2. What you put on. (and what you don’t put on)

Skin. Largest Organ. Pretty much absorbs it all. So think about what you apply on a daily basis. When you flip your lotion or face wash over and read the ingredients, what do you see? I am completely honest when I say that I don’t use face wash at all… haven’t in a few years. One less thing to worry about.. all about that simplicity!

I think I am able to use water as my face wash because I don’t actually put any makeup on my face. My cosmetic bag consists of 5 things: Eyebrow pencil & shadow. Eyelash curler, mascara and eyeliner. I don’t always wear make up but when I do, it takes 10 minutes or less…(holla.) and I know my skin thanks me!! No compacts, creams, foundations, cover up. Nothing clogging these pores! Just a little bit of water and  #5! Try it even if it is on the weekends at first. You might dig the feeling of fresh skin breathing! Yeah!

3. Speaking of WATER…

Nourishing, hydrating, flushing. It only makes sense that drinking a good amount of water during the day is super beneficial for your skin. For the most part, I start my day with a big glass of filtered water and sip on H2O throughout the whole day. I do drink coffee (decaf) a couple times a week and have an occasional coconut water but other than that I really avoid sodas, energy drinks, gatorade or anything else that isn’t really anything my body needs/uses. Not much alcohol either. I truly feel like this is one of the biggest reasons that my skin is happy.

4. Skin Brush

The benefits of skin brushing could definitely be its own post… but I’m so happy to briefly highlight the reasons why you want to do it. Dry brushing stimulates the lymphatic system helping the body eliminate toxins and waste. It boosts circulation and relieves stress. When it comes to the skin, DBing helps to remove dead skin cells and unclog pores so it can breathe and absorb those awesome nutrients you are consuming! Roight? Right! ;)

5. Coconut Oil

Yayy! My favorite one yet! So my parents turned me on to this one  (I can’t believe how many times I reference my parents during my blog posts.. they rock, huh?) I can’t imagine using anything else when it comes to moisturizer on my face/body. I use a cold pressed, organic Coconut Oil (found a big container at Sam’s Club!) and generously apply to my arms/legs and dab on my face. It felt a little oily at first but it soaks up pretty quick and after a couple times of using it, I’ll never go back! In fact, if I am at a hotel or something and use regular lotion I feel weird. :D  — Try it out and let me know what you think.

Glow on.





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